Teegan Loy – An Author’s Journey and Picks & Pucks

Thanks, Charlie, for having me on the Purple Rose Tea House. I hope it’s okay if I drink a mocha latte. I’m not a tea drinker.

I’ve been fussing for several days over what to write. Today I had to provide feedback for two stories written by young authors. It was an interesting process and brought back memories of getting started in this daunting world of publishing. It can be confusing, frustrating, overwhelming, and sometimes heart breaking. But there are also days like April 21, 2014, which is the release date for Picks & Pucks.

My journey to get to this point has been bumpy and bouncy. There have been ups and downs, but somehow, I always kept pushing forward. I’ve endured piles of rejection letters from agents when I started sending out manuscripts. The first story I wrote was a young adult urban fantasy. I still think it’s a fabulous story and maybe one day, I will revisit the story.

One meeting with an editor resulted in me wanting to punch the guy in the face. I managed to remain professional, but decided if I ever had the opportunity to help writers, he was an example I would use as what NOT to do. One girl came out of the interview bawling. But I kept writing.

The night I got the first “yes” for a story was epic. I cried and screamed and giggled and texted a few people before I popped open a bottle of champagne. The news energized my writing and now, my second novel with Dreamspinner is coming out.


Rising men’s figure skating star, Justin Corrin, is coming home to train for the upcoming season and face his demons. The last thing Justin needs is to fall in love with a hockey player. Instead of getting rid of his demons, Justin is collecting more. He tries desperately to control his growing feelings for CJ Daly, but finds being with CJ keeps his nightmares away.

Justin isn’t the only one with problems, and hidden fears and secrets threaten to separate the two. With the pressure mounting, CJ starts to pull away, and Justin doesn’t know why. His skating suffers, and he decides to stop wasting his time on love and focus on winning the nationals.

If Justin can destroy his demons, he might have a chance for happiness on and off the ice. But if the demons win, Justin’s life could be ruined.



“Justin,” Eli shouted. He jammed the car into park before it came to a complete stop, making the car lurch forward. It threw him off-balance, and he almost tumbled to the ground as he tried to get out of the front seat. He raced toward me, grabbed me, and lifted me off my feet, then buried his nose in my neck. “God, I fucking missed you so much.”

“I missed you too,” I admitted, because it was the truth. He was the only thing I missed about this whole fucking town. During the past two years, we’d kept in contact by texts, phone calls, and social media. He came to California a few times, but it was hard to hang out, since I was skating all the time.

When I came home to visit, he did his best to make time for me, but he was busy with college. He had his own life, and he was moving forward, trying new things and leaving me to toil on the ice, chasing after a wild dream that might never come true. He finally released his stranglehold on me, and we sat down on the steps.

“You look like shit,” he said, brushing a stray lock of hair out of my eyes. “I thought you’d have more of a tan.”

“Nah, I’m going for the emo vampire look,” I said.

“You should probably dye your hair black, then.”

“Let’s not talk about me. What’s going on with your hair?” Eli’s normally dark hair was streaked with blond highlights and a couple of wide blue streaks and stood up spiky all over. “Are you wearing eye liner?”

“The proper term is guyliner,” he said. “Just shaking things up, ya know, keeping people on the edge.”

I raised my eyebrows and stared at him. “Alright, it’s a bit weird even for you. Why are you shaking things up, and why are you grinning like you won the lottery or just fucked the girl of your dreams?”

He snickered. “I’ve got a ton of shit to tell you.” He winked. “But it’s an inside conversation, and we should probably have some sort of drink in our hand.”

The book is currently available for pre-order on the Dreamspinner website: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=4898

Please join me on April 21 over at the Dreamspinner Blog for giveaways and … I really have no idea what I’m going to blog about, so it should be interesting. https://dreamspinnerpress.com/blog/

Meet the author:

Teegan Loy began writing a long time ago. Notebooks filled with ideas were stacked around the house. One day, she sat down with renewed ambition and something fantastic happened: she completed a story. Now most of her time is spent writing, but she takes occasional breaks to go to the movies, where she imagines her stories on the big screen. She also enjoys watching hockey, filling her iPod with music, and driving her daughter around town to various activities.

You can find Teegan at

Twitter: @teeganloy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teegan.loy
Blog: http://teeganloy.wordpress.com




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