An Interview with Knight – Day and Knight by Dirk Greyson

Hello I’m Dirk Greyson and I’m so grateful to Charlie for hosting me today.  The first book in the Day and Knight series released on Monday and I thought it would be an interesting way to make an introduction by sitting down with Knight for an interview where we talked about Day.

Q:  Knight, we all want to know.  What were your first thoughts when you met Day?

A:  ***Sighs*** He’s going to kill me, but I thought I was getting stuck with a newbie who was going to get himself and possibly me killed before the assignment was over.   Day came from data analysis after all.  What did he know about field work?

Q:  I take it that wasn’t correct?

A:  Umm… no.  He can dig up information no one else can and he understands language like no one I’ve ever met.  He also demonstrated he can shoot and that cost me.  ***slight blush***

Q:  So there were hidden depths?

A:  To say the least.  *** Knight turns away for a few seconds*** Day turned out to have a lot of hidden depths.  *** Smiles*** He also has a sharp tongue and doesn’t let me get away with much.

Q:  So I hear he has definite opinions.

A:  Yes.  Day called me over and over on my assholeness.   I think it’s a gift.  We agree to disagree on that.

Q:  ***Leaning Forward*** So how did things work out on the cruise?  I heard your cover required you two attend a gay cruise.  Was that… inspirational?

A:  ***Expression darkens, lips purse slightly*** What happened between Day and I in our stateroom is between the two of us.  ***folds his arms over his chest***

Q:  All right.  ***swallows slightly*** In the end, did the two of you learn to get along?

A:  Eventually, he and I learned to work together.

Q:  Would you work with him again?

A:  Let me put it this way, he’d have made a good Marine.  He had my back the way my Marine brothers did and I can’t ask for more than that.


2015NewAbout the Book

As former NSA, Dayton (Day) Ingram has national security chops and now works as a technical analyst for Scorpion. He longs for field work, and scuttling an attack gives his chance. He’s smart, multilingual, and a technological wizard. But his opportunity comes with a hitch—a partner, Knighton (Knight), who is a real mystery. Despite countless hours of research, Day can find nothing on the agent, including his first name!

Former Marine Knight crawled into a bottle after losing his family. After drying out, he’s offered one last chance: along with Day, stop a terrorist threat from the Yucatan. To get there without drawing suspicion, Day and Knight board a gay cruise, where the deeply closeted Day and equally closeted Knight must pose as a couple. Tensions run high as Knight communicates very little and Day bristles at Knight’s heavy-handed need for control.

But after drinking too much, Day and Knight wake up in bed. Together. As they near their destination, they must learn to trust and rely on each other to infiltrate the terrorist camp and neutralize the plot aimed at the US’s technological infrastructure, if they hope to have a life after the mission.  One that might include each other.

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“Yeah, I know that, but it’s been two years. Don’t you think it’s time you took off the black dress and veil and went to purple at least?” Mark always had these sayings that rarely made sense. “It’s time you rejoined the living and stopped mourning.” Mark lifted his glass to his lips and sighed after taking a sip. “Damn, that’s good.” He sighed and then let his gaze wander back to Knight. “Kid, you need to get back to life or you’ll end up a grumpy old man before you’re forty.”

“Shit,” Knight sighed and drank from his tea. “That’s what Dayton called me today.”

“Who’s Dayton? Your partner in this mission?” Mark barely stopped long enough for Knight to nod. “Then that kid pegged you fast.” Mark seemed pleased about that… too pleased.


“At least this Dayton isn’t going to take any of your crap. You need that.” Mark grinned, the small scar at the corner of his mouth showing. It was a souvenir he had gotten from a bar fight in Mexico when he’d rescued Knight after he’d done something stupid as a newbie. “Any partner that will let you walk all over them isn’t the partner you need.”

“You walked all over me,” Knight said.

Mark paused with his glass halfway to his lips. “Did I?” He raised his eyebrow slightly to the left, catching Knight in a whine without saying a word. “You were fresh out of the Marines and as gung ho as they came. Damn, you were scary as shit, always raring to shoot or blow shit up.” Mark smiled. “Came in handy in Ecuador, though.” He sipped his whiskey again, still grinning. “You needed a firm hand. Still do. Now, sometimes we end up with the partner we need and sometimes we end up with the partner we get. It’s up to you to decide which this is.”

“He’s the partner I got….” Knight gulped from his glass, the liquid coating his suddenly dry throat. “Just like I was the partner you got, and you were the partner I needed.”

“Are you sure about that, kid?” Mark expression was unreadable. “You sure we didn’t both get what we needed?” He downed the rest of his whiskey and signaled the waitress for another. “Don’t be too hard on this Dayton, but don’t go easy on him either. Fieldwork is fucking hard. Everyone thinks it’s excitement and glamor, but it’s really days of waiting surrounded by moments when shit happens.”

“Tell me about it. He’s so gung ho he’s probably spending the evening reading files and reviewing intercept transmissions.”

Mark stared at him. “That sounds smart to me. The question I have for you is, why aren’t you doing the same thing? It sounds like the kid is getting himself ready and doing the preparation you’d want a partner to do.” He lifted his glass to his lips but then sat it back on the table without taking a drink. “He may be new, but maybe the one who isn’t ready for this mission is you.” Mark folded his hands. “You never shirked on any mission we had. You pulled your weight and then some. That’s what he’s trying to do.”

That hit Knight like a punch in the gut. “Shit.”

“I ain’t saying you need to be a newbie about this. It’s your job to act as the seasoned pro. Help him along but don’t be an ass about it… well, not all the time. Asking you not to be an ass is like asking you not to breathe. But at least keep your assness to a minimum.”

2015NewAbout the author

Dirk Greyson Caricature200Dirk is very much an outside kind of man.  He loves travel and seeing new things.  Dirk worked in corporate America for way too long and now spends his days writing, gardening, and taking care of the home he shares with his partner of more than two decades.  He has a Masters Degree and all the other accessories that go with a corporate job.  But he is most proud of the stories he tells and the life he’s built.  Dirk lives in Pennsylvania in a century old home and is blessed with an amazing circle of friends.


Twitter:  @dirkgreyson

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