Bound by Desire by Tempeste O’Riley

As a continuation of Designs of Desire, why did you ramp up the BDSM elements so much in Bound by Desire?

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In Designs of Desire, James was simply not able to embrace his own submissive nature or the Dom within his lover and soon to be husband, Seth. He had suffered too much abuse in his life and simply didn’t have the trust needed. But by the end of the first novel, much has changed for both men. James has really come into his own and Seth has learned ways to show James that he is more than man, more than sub, more than ‘enough’ for Seth. You see that Seth is a sensual Dom, so no impact play is wanted by either man, but each wants more….

Seth brings in ribbons and scarves, textures and other things 😉 and by the time we get to Bound by Desire James is finally able to embrace all of who he is, and all of who Seth is. It seemed only right to share that with me readers (plus, I kept getting emails asking if there would be a collaring and if I would be kind enough to share that so the readers could see it. I didn’t want to deny my wonderful readers the chance to see how James and Seth move forward in both their relationship and their kink 😀 … I’m not that mean… usually, lol).

So really, it’s not so much “ramping up” as much as sharing how they continue to grow as a couple, both as men and in their D/s relationship.

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Bound by DesireBound by Desire
by Tempeste O’Riley
Desires Entwined series #1.75
M/M Erotic Contemporary BDSM Romance
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Release Date: May 30th 2014 (ebook)
Length: Short

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Part of the Desires Entwined series – Ideally read between Designs of Desire and Desires’ Guardian.

Despite his past abuse, James has come to terms with his relationship with his Dom and lover Seth. Seth treats James with all the trust and love his sub desires. There is only one thing left to do to make it all complete: Seth needs to put a collar on James.


“I found it a beautiful tale of unhappiness changed to romance and then love with a happy ending.”

—Rainbow Book Reviews, on “Designs of Desire”


“Tempeste O’Riley clearly has designs on our attention with Designs of Desire, a story as heart breaking as it is heart warming.”

—Sensual Reads, on “Designs of Desire”


“The writer did an excellent job with the charactesr, they are likable and perfect.  Not perfect in the way that they have no flaws, but in a way that they grab you and complement each other.”

—Love Bytes Reviews, on “Temptations of Desire”


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About the Author:

TO-logo-250-transparentTempeste O’Riley is an out and proud pansexual genderfluid whose best friend growing up had the courage to do what they couldn’t–defy the hate and come out. He has been their hero ever since.

Tempe is a hopeless romantic that loves strong relationships and happily-ever-afters. Though new to writing M/M, they has done many things in their life, though writing has always drawn them back–no matter what else life has thrown their way. They counts their friends, family, and Muse as their greatest blessings in life. They lives in Wisconsin with their children, reading, writing, and enjoying life.

Tempe is also a proud PAN member of Romance Writers of America®, Rainbow Romance Writers, and WisRWA. Learn more about Tempeste and their writing at


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