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Title: The Necromancer’s Dilemma
Author: S J Himes
Series: The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #2
Release Date: July 2016
Genre: MM Romance, Fantasy




Even love can die without trust.

Angel’s brother, Isaac, has returned home, and the pair begin to make slow and awkward attempts back to each other. Learning how to be a brother to a grown man instead of a parental figure has Angel adjusting his behaviors and habits, and Isaac still remains a mystery. Was it merely entering adulthood that turned Isaac away from an overprotective Angel, or does Isaac carry a secret that will keep them from finally being a real family?

Daniel Macavoy, Angel’s new apprentice, is torn between his bond with Angel and the grasping machinations of his father. Dealing with a traumatized apprentice with dangerous holes in his magical education, saving Daniel may be harder than Angel first thought—especially since the biggest problem is not revenge, but guilt.

The one shining beacon in his life is Simeon, Elder vampire of Boston’s only Bloodclan. Four hundred years old and sexy as sin, Simeon is warrior and sage, patient and cunning. The strength Angel draws from Simeon’s devotion and the newborn mate-bond between them is steadfast and true…and the fount of death magic that animates the undead lord places Angel in the midst of a power struggle for control over himself, his lover, and his family.

Through it all, Angel is beleaguered by the unwanted attention of a troll-hybrid, the adventures of a dragon in the city, and a serial killer has decided to hunt the back alleys and midnight streets of Boston.

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Angel ran.

He hurt, from his throat seared by the subzero air, to the soles of his feet insufficiently protected in his house shoes, each stride that hit the ice-cold pavement jarring his bones, his hands scraped and raw from slipping when he’d first made the street outside his apartment building. The fingers of his right hand were numb, the stone and damask steel of his athame freezing in the cold night air.

Simeon was somewhere ahead, so close. Another corner, another minute, a small moment of time. It felt like forever, and yet in seconds Angel rounded a corner three blocks from his apartment, and saw Simeon’s limo crashed into a closed deli, the engine still running and ticking in the cold air. Angel slowed, searching for Simeon, and he panted out a denial when he saw a body flung carelessly to the sidewalk. He took a step forward before his mind caught up to his eyes—it was a human, eyes vacant and dull, neck broken from hitting the wall. He wore a style of black suit common among the Tower employees, and Angel panted in relief and ever-growing fear that it wasn’t Simeon.

“Simeon!” Angel screamed, and he jogged ahead, thinking Simeon might be in the limo. The crash didn’t appear severe enough to incapacitate a vampire, but Simeon might have been unlucky.

Mo ghra.” The familiar Irish, whispered so quiet it might have been the wind, made him stop, sliding on the slick road.

“Where…where…” Angel increased his inner sight, and the glow of the bond led him through the long shadows between street lights. “Simeon!”

Simeon was on his back, both hands pressed to his stomach, and Angel choked on a desperate sob when he saw the black blood that soaked Simeon’s white dress shirt and his dark gray trousers. Blood puddled beneath him, and frost collected on the edges of the pool.

Angel dropped to his knees beside Simeon, and he cursed the low light. He took a quick inward breath, and in the second before his exhale, lit the dark street on fire.

Hellfire rose from the cobblestones, dancing hand-height up from the ground, swirling in the wind in joyous trails until they were in the center of a circle. Angel dropped the athame and gripped Simeon’s hands and pulled them away, swallowing back bile. Green light illuminated the street, up the sides of buildings, and Angel was able to see the damage done to Simeon’s abdomen.

The right side of his abdomen, from his lowest rib to the top of his right hip gaped like a red mouth, exposing dark flesh and loosened muscles, and the glistening coils of dormant organs. Angel gagged, covering his mouth with his right hand, his left shaking as he reached out and cupped Simeon’s cheek for a moment. Simeon shifted, hissing through his teeth, and Angel snapped back into crisis mode at the sound of his lover’s pain.

“Don’t move,” Angel ordered, ripping at Simeon’s dress shirt, buttons flying off in all directions. “What happened? Can you tell me?”

“Fae…with a silver blade. Snuck up on me.” Simeon gasped the words out, his ability to draw in enough air to speak affected by the gaping wound. Angel tugged at Simeon’s waistband, checking how far down the injury went, but it appeared to stop right above his belt. Not that it helped—he was fileted open.

The incongruity of anyone sneaking up on Simeon had to wait until Angel figured out how to save him.

“What do you need to heal?” Angel asked, his inner sight in overdrive as he checked the wound for latent spells. Fae weapons were usually bespelled with secondary characteristics, like poisoning, or a spell to prevent blood clotting to insure an injury bled out. The fae didn’t fuck around.

There was residual magic in the wound tract, but nothing active, so Angel discounted worrying about spells messing with Simeon further. “Simeon! What do you need to heal? Blood?”

“Batiste…yes, blood.” That made sense—Batiste could heal his clan members, that much Angel knew. Simeon couldn’t feed from Angel—his blood would kill him. Angel dug out his cell, dialing a number he had never called before but Simeon insisted he have in case of emergency. It was a fucking emergency now, and Angel rocked on his knees as it rang in his ear.

“Batiste!” Angel said the second the call connected. “Simeon’s been attacked. It’s bad.”

Batiste wasted no time in replying. “Where are you?”

“Intersection of Joy and Mt Vernon. Hurry, dammit. I don’t know how to heal a vampire without blood. He can’t feed from me.”

Batiste made an odd sound, then replied. “Stay where you are. I’ll be there soon.”

Angel dropped his cell, the screen making a horrid crunching sound when it hit the pavement. Angel grabbed Simeon’s hands and tugged, leaning over Simeon protectively. “I called Batiste, he’s coming. I think he’s going to be too late as it is, so what else can I do? There can’t have been a blood source nearby for every injury you’ve ever had.”

“Blood,” Simeon breathed out. “My Leannán.

Title: The Necromancer’s Dance
Release Date: February 26th 2016




In a world where magic is real and evil walks amongst humanity, a young sorcerer is beset upon by enemies, both old and new. Angelus Salvatore is the only necromancer in all of Boston, and his name is whispered warily by the undead and fellow sorcerers alike. He and his brother Isaac are the lone survivors of an attack by an army of the undead, in which Angel used a spell so powerful it forever marked his place in history. Now, years later, Angel struggles to balance his career as a teacher of the higher magical arts, his role as big brother, and a tenuous relationship with an Elder vampire from the local clan. When his brother’s boyfriend is used as a pawn in a mysterious plot to draw Angel out, Angel is once again pulled back into the old hostilities that fueled the Blood Wars and led to his family’s death.
Leaning on others for help is something Angel cannot do, and while he searches for clues into who may be targeting him and his brother, Angel finds his heart steadily growing occupied with Simeon, Elder and vampire. Dealing with death magic and vampires on a daily basis may leave Angel jaded when it comes to life and staying that way, but the more time he spends fending off the ancient vampire’s attention and affections, the more he realizes he wants to give in.

Can Angel find out who wants him dead, and keep his heart safe in the process? How can he fall for a vampire, when his whole family was torn apart by an army of the undead?

Death stalks the streets of Boston’s historic Beacon Hill….and there is no one more suited to battle against death than a necromancer.

MATURE CONTENT Contains graphic violence, male/male sexual contact, a cranky necromancer, a sexy Irish vampire, and a pesky demon.



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About the Author

I’m a thirty something bisexual cisgendered woman with way too big an imagination, but that comes in handy when I’m writing. I have been writing since I was a child, when I took a four page assignment on what I was going to do on summer vacation and turned it into a 100 page fantasy epic all written by hand…in crayons. No joke.
I work a day job, but I can’t share for who, since the Old Man isn’t as liberated as the people who read my books. I’m married, I have furbabies, and I live with loved ones. I adore a certain show about a British consulting detective and his grumpy army doctor, and that spawned an addiction to Johnlock fanfiction, which then evolved into me writing it. Gawd, that’s embarrassing. Put this down in the TMI section of my Bio, okay? I enjoy martial arts, movies where things blow up, and I wish I lived in a Marvel movie.

I live in the beautiful and lonely Berkshire County in Massachusetts, and I see way more wildlife than I care to on a daily basis (bears!). My perfect day is reading surrounded by friends and family who don’t think it’s odd I want to hang out but not talk, and my favorite scent of all time is a cool fall evening with leaves burning….less a scent, and more of an experience.

My writing is focused on gay and lesbian people, who are more than interesting side characters that hang out with the heterosexual MCs. My wish for the future is that when people ask me what I do for a living, I can say, “I write gay romance,” and NOT get weird looks.

My alter ego is Revella Hawthorne, and I’m writing the Bred For Love series under that name.

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