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What is destined cannot be changed

Chris has had a monumentally bad month. First, an aggressive band of aliens invaded the Earth, conquered the world, and now he’s fighting for survival in the mountains with his family and the neighborhood bigot. Just because he’s barely out of his teens and a bit on the scrawny side doesn’t mean he can’t watch out for his mom, sisters and younger cousin. Chris keeps searching for the brighter side of things, but his humor is wearing thin. Fear can do that to a guy. 


Lasar and Nary are a soul matched pair of warriors from Alashar. Lasar is Nary’s Ahna, the one who dominates him, and Nary is the Nasha, or submissive, to Lasar. Every Alasharian, regardless of orientation, needs the balance of the power exchange to exist peacefully within their lifelong soul match bond. When Lasar is awarded a war prize, he sends Nary to look over the recent arrivals.


Chris and his cousin Morgan are captured and sent to the slave cages where they discover from the other imprisoned young men that they are destined to be sex toys for alien pairs. When one of those aliens saves Chris and his cousin from being abused by the slave master, Chris hopes that the seemingly kind alien won’t be too horrible an owner. 


Lasar and Nary are finally alone together with their new sex slave, ready to enjoy their reward. However, in the middle of their playtime a shocking event occurs that not only disrupts Chris’ world even more than it already has been, but also challenges everything that Lasar and Nary have always held dear. As Lasar searches for answers, he begins to question the reasons behind the Earth invasion and where his loyalties should really lie. As their Ahna, he must be the one who decides whether they will all be safer together, or apart.


Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes involving sounding.
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Excerpt from Slave for Two…

Chris wasn’t exactly sure what the aliens looked like. The news reports of the initial invasion had really only shown the ships. The beings themselves hadn’t appeared until a few days later, and by that time, the Internet was down and television spots were sporadic. But there’d been glimpses.

The invaders were human-like, definitely large in stature, maybe six and a half feet or more. It was hard to tell. He hadn’t been able to differentiate gender. They all had thick long hair that fell in bunches, sections of it gathered by some sort of band, but that was only what he surmised. From what else he’d seen, the bunches of hair were primarily darker shades. The patches of skin that were visible or below the metallic-looking face masks, were a tan or bronze color with variations in between. But not being able to see their faces, their eyes—that somehow made them much scarier in Chris’ opinion.

However, the scariest thing of all was how muscular they were. They gave brawny a new meaning. Hand-to-hand combat with one of those things was laughable. Add in their weird weapons? Chris was surprised it’d taken them as long as it had to overpower the human race. With so little verifiable info to go on, he didn’t know what it took to kill one of them, or if the Earth’s armies even possessed weapons that could kill them.

He let out an aggravated sigh.

“What?” Morgan eyed him warily as he tromped alongside him on the well-worn dirt trail.

“Nothing. Just pointless thoughts on how to kill one of those things.”

“But… But you said we shouldn’t. That if they came for us, not to try to kill them.”

“I know, I know. That’s why it’s pointless.” He glanced over at Morgan before turning his attention back to the uneven ground below him. “You, me, my mom and especially the girls—none of us can fight them, so we don’t. We don’t make the same mistake that my dad and your—” Chris cleared his throat. “Anyway, like I’ve said all along, we don’t fight them.”

They hiked along in silence for a while, hugging the shade when they could and constantly brushing away the little bugs that seemed to love their sweat.



“Have you thought about, you know, a way out? A last resort?”

Chris frowned. “You mean how to escape if we got captured? Because once they get a hold of us, I really don’t—”

“No Chris. I meant a way out before they capture us. You know, like when a spy has a poison capsule he swallows if he gets taken by the enemy.”

Chris came to a complete halt, yanking Morgan back by his shirt. “Listen, you turd. You’re not even going to think about that for one second, got it?”

Morgan jerked free of Chris’ grasp then whirled around to face him. “Oh right. Like you never gave it a thought.”

Damn him. “That’s not important. What is important is that we don’t give up hope. Even if we do get captured, there’s no way of guessing what will happen down the line. For all we know, China or Australia or the flippin’ Netherlands will find some way to bring them down, and we would’ve gone and done something stupid like that.” Chris struggled to keep his tears at bay. “My dad said to stay alive no matter what. I’m sure your dad would say the same thing if he was here. Don’t let his and Aunt Sara’s deaths be for nothing.”

Morgan’s head was bowed. “Fuck everything. Fuck this mountain. Fuck this trail, fuck my whole fucking life. I hate this. I fucking hate all of it.”

Chris swiped at his eyes before the tears he couldn’t stave off could be seen. “Me too, you big dork.” Chris wiped his face again then took a slug of his water. “Come on. Let’s go get some gummy bears.”

Morgan snorted out a laugh. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Oh, like you don’t want gummy bears?”

“Tram gift shop?” Morgan raised his eyebrows.

“Heck yes. Now let’s get a move on soldier.”


Author Morticia Knight spends most of her nights
writing about men loving men forever after. Even though she’s been crafting her
naughty tales of romance for more years than she’d like to share – her
adventures as a published author began in 2011. Since then, she’s been
fortunate enough to have several books on bestseller lists, along with two
titles receiving recognition from the Rainbow Book Awards. Once upon a time,
she was the lead singer and songwriter in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted
on U.S. college radio. Morticia currently resides on the beautiful northern
Oregon coast, and when she’s not fantasizing about hot men, she takes walks
along the ocean and occasionally annoys the local karaoke bar patrons. 


Author links: Website | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

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