Release Day Tour and Exclusive Excerpt – Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation by John H. Ames



1400x2100TITLE: Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation

AUTHOR: John H. Ames

COVER ARTIST: Louca Matheo

LENGTH: 74,908 words

RELEASE DATE: October 7, 2016

BLURB: Surviving Elite High fans, the wait is over! More romance, drama and mystery are unfolding at Elite High before the back-to-school bell has even rung!

Seventeen year old, blond-hair, blue-eyed and adorable Robbie Carroll, orphaned at a young age and mysteriously never adopted, has finally found his dream family. Nick Hawking and John Ames, now married, wealthy, and powerful, make Robbie their son, defying the young man’s past- one that Robbie himself has no memory of- that has scared all other prospective parents away. Now, Robbie has great parents and a hot brother, Nicky and beautiful sister, Lily, who take him into their midst and make him part of their tight circle of friends who all go to Elite High.

One of those friends is Tim Mercer, a gorgeous football player at Elite High. Tim’s dark looks and simmering eyes capture Robbie’s heart at first sight. But Robbie can’t be sure that Tim feels the same way, or even if he’s gay too. Moreover, even if Tim is available, there are some people around him who don’t want Robbie to get close to him, and will go to ANY lengths to keep him away. Why? What do they want with Tim? What is the secret that Tim is harboring? And who is that strange man in Robbie’s visions, who haunts his life and his dreams? Find out here!


Robbie’s heart got stuck inside his throat. “Wha…Tim…” he tried to utter, but the words got stuck. His vision blurred and his heart pounded violently. This couldn’t be happening to him. Tim wasn’t breaking up with him. Everything was just a horrible nightmare that he was bound to wake up sooner or later. As Tim walked to the door, Robbie stood, running after him. “Tim!” he yelled. “Please don’t do this!”

Tim opened the white door in front of him and stepped outside, disappearing from sight. Robbie dashed across the threshold, but bumped into Nick and fell to the ground, landing on his ass. He sat up, his salty tears covering every inch of his face, drowning his heart in sorrow and pain. Tim had broken up with him and it was all his fault. He had been too quick to cast judgment on him and now he was gone. His chest felt heavy while his head spun. Without Tim, he was nothing. Without Tim, he was going to die.


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Juan H. Alvarado was born in El Salvador C.A. He currently lives in Belize and began writing in 2008. He posted some of his work on an internet website, and after receiving positive feedback, he completed several full-length novels under his pen name, John Henry Ames. His first completed novel is Surviving Elite High. The story chronicles the life of a gay sixteen-year-old boy as he makes his way through life as an outcast in the shadows of an elite high school where he is tormented by two psychopathic bullies. His passions are writing, reading and spending time with the ones he loves.

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