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Title: Tru Smoke

Series: Ember Peak Book One

Author: Edie Danford

Publisher: Edie Danford

Release Date: November 3, 2016

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 90,100 words

Genre: Romance

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Where there’s smoke, there’s fire… Whenever Jones touches him, flames flicker in Truitt Larkin’s smoky-gray eyes.

Growing up in Ember Peak, Colorado, Jones nurtured dreams as big as the Rockies. Why else would a flat-broke college student believe he has a shot with Truitt Larkin, the billionaire CEO of Larkin Corp? And, sure, Tru might own the fab, five-thousand-acre Ember Peak Ranch, where Jones is just the son of a ranch employee, but that doesn’t mean a future with Tru is doomed, does it? When he finally, finally convinces Tru to break his chiseled-in-rock no-sex-ever policy, Jones is sure smoke will never shroud Tru’s silver-flame eyes again.

But fire burns and dreams crash. And when Tru shuts down Jones’s hopes, Jones leaves Ember Peak—and a big chunk of his heart—for good.

Tru knows he’s responsible for fracturing his valued friendship with Jones. Indulging his attraction to the younger man was selfish and destructive—something he’ll always regret. When Jones returns to Ember Peak for a family wedding, Tru wants a chance to heal their friendship and give back to Jones the comfort of coming home. But sparks fly the moment they reunite, and they scramble to douse the passion that’s burned them both before. Yet a flicker of hope glows brightly, and soon they need all their courage to see their way to a future together.


I took a cookie from the tin and bit into it, sighing as the butterscotch chips melted on my tongue. I shot a glance at Tru as I chewed. Why was he being so quiet? He was still staring. At me. Well, at my chest, I guess.

I looked down. Oh yeah.

I’d had some ink done since the last time he’d gotten a gander at my bare chest. I kept my fingers firmly wrapped around the cookie tin, ignoring my instinct to cover what he was looking at.

“Nice, huh, Tru?” Sandra asked from beside me, her voice teasing as she watched her brother check me out.

He pulled his gaze from my chest and glanced at Sandra. Then he looked back at me. “What the hell is it?”

I laughed. Couldn’t help it. He just seemed so…shocked.

I licked cookie crumbs from my lips and said, “It’s a thing a lot of people do these days, Truitt. It’s a drawing that was drilled into the dermal layer of my flesh with pulsing needles. Commonly known as a tattoo.”

Silver eyes sliced into me. “I get that, smart ass.” He did the Eastwood rasp so much better than me. “What is it, though?” he persisted. “Something from your travels?”

“Why don’t you go closer and see?” Sandra asked, laughter threatening to spill again.

I sent her a scowl—the little instigator.

I didn’t like Tru’s tone. Or his expression. The idea that he was bugging out about me getting a tattoo didn’t sit well with me. At all. In fact, it made my skin prickle and heat rush to my face.

“What the hell is wrong with getting a tattoo?” I asked him.

At the same moment I was asking this rude question, Sandra was explaining, “It’s a landscape from the ranch—the northwest peak above Shadow Creek to be exact.”

There was a weird moment of silence.

“It’s the what, now?” Tru asked, eyebrows scrunched.

“You heard me.” Sandra kicked his jean-clad leg. “His favorite spot on the ranch. You should recognize it. It’s one of your faves, too.”

I swallowed hard as I watched a bunch of expressions cross Tru’s face—like clouds gaining speed and mass as they prepared to let loose over the mountains.

I knew exactly what he wanted to ask. Why? Why the hell did you permanently put an image of one of Ember Peak’s most famous landmarks over your heart?

I answered him even though I knew he’d never voice the question and likely would never admit to even wondering about it. “I grew up here,” I reminded him. “Even though I’ll never live here again, this land fed my roots, helped me grow. I won’t forget that. So…it seemed like a good choice.” I was happy my voice came out sounding relatively normal. Not defensive. Or angry. Like I felt.


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Although her extended family hails from the Rockies, the Plains, and the Midwest, Edie has spent the last ten years in her Green Mountain home. She seeks romance wherever and whenever possible.

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